Polaris XP RZR High Speed Gear Shim<h6>CH6042</h6>

Polaris XP RZR High Speed Gear Shim


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The CryoHeat High Speed Gear Shim replaces the retainer clip and thrust washer in the Polaris UTV transmissions. These retainer clips often break and allow the gear to drop out of alignment and immediately destroy your input shaft, high speed gear and putting your transmission in a faults neutral with broken metal debris damaging many other gears. This can leave you stranded in the middle of your ride far away from camp or even losing your favorite race.

How it happens:
The dynamics of the helical cut gears side load up against the retainer clip so hard that it will either break or push it out of it’s groove.

The solution:
By replacing the retainer clip and thrust washer with the precision machine, metal High Speed Gear Shim that’s been CryoHeat treated and Micropolished, there is nowhere for this gear to move out of alignment because it’s up against the bearing race. The High Speed Gear Shim becomes the new and improved thrust washer.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Streweler
High speed gear shim

Great product, makes sense. I have lots of buddies that have the same ride. So I'm sure they will be installing this shim as well.

jose tejada
Great Communication

They took the time to call me because the parts I had previously ordered did not match I send them pictures of what I needed and he made it work

BJ Smith
High Speed Gear issues gone!

Simple and effective way to eliminate the retaining ring. Must have upgrade to any transmission repair.

Bernard Trenquier

Pièce conforme et parfaite

Lin Ervin

Nice part to help prevent damage to gears in transmission