Polaris RZR Transmission Bearing Kit Turbo S/XP Turbo (2021)<h6>CH6034</h6>

Polaris RZR Transmission Bearing Kit Turbo S/XP Turbo (2021)


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This is for the 2021 Turbo S and 2021 XP Turbo. For the 2020 or older models please refer to the standard complete bearing kit CH6039.

This complete Transmission Bearing Kit includes:

  • (1) 6012 CryoHeat Treated Bearing
  • (2) 6010 CryoHeat Treated Bearings
  • (3) 6207 CryoHeat Treated Bearings
  • (1) 6305 CryoHeat Treated Bearing
  • (1) 6206 CryoHeat Treated Bearing
  • (1) 62/32 CryoHeat Treated Bearing
  • (1) 6205 CryoHeat Treated Bearing
  • (2) 6303 CryoHeat Treated Bearings
  • (2) 6903 CryoHeat Treated Bearings

For older models, please refer to the RZR XP Turbo Kit

ON SALE! The number one best CryoHeat processed transmission bearing kits in the UTV industry that have won more championships than any other bearing! The Polaris UTV‘s are great machines; however, the OEM bearings in the transmissions fail very quickly. This will leave you broken down on your off-road adventure, or not finishing a race and more likely causing catastrophic failure that will result in thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. Our bearings are the best for transmissions that produce high heat and a significant amount of side loading on the bearing races because of the helical gear tooth design. Besides giving you the best designed bearings, we make them even better by using our proprietary CryoHeat processing. After our process the bearings become 28% stronger with over a 200% longer service life. The bearings entire molecular structure (Crystaline) goes through a transformation of stress relieving and realigning the grain structure. This increases the dimensional stability and significantly dissipates thermal heat on the bearing surface by over 200°F. These are the same CryoHeat bearing kits for Polaris UTVs that Wayne Matlock has won 3 Baja 500s, 2 Baja 1000s, 2 SCORE Championships, & 3 San Felipe 250s. Mark Burnett has won 2 SCORE Championships, & a Baja 500. Kristen Matlock has won 1 Baja 500, 1 Baja 1000, 2 San Felipe 250s, & Las Vegas to Reno Race. Professional Wingsuit pilot, Snowskier, & Stuntman JT Homes has won the 2017 Baja 500. Jeremiah Wagner has won 3 WORCS short course races, & whole shots almost every race. Jacob Peters in the youth division has been dominating the WORCS series for over 3 years just to name a few of the professional racers who are using our CryoHeat treated Polaris Bearing kits.


  • CryoHeat treated
  • Super strength Japanese steel
  • At least 200% longer lifespan
  • Over 200°F less heat on the bearing surface during operation

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Submarine Audio LLC
Highly recommend

They look to be all made in japan but one is Italy , and Cryoheat treated in the package to eliminate dirt I like. And a unbeatable Price