New CryoHeat Loaded Harley Davidson Transmission

New CryoHeat Loaded Harley Davidson Transmission

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    Tired of Harley Davidson tranny problems, you’ve landed on the right page. This is the New CryoHeat treated, micropolished, shimmed, & Back-cut 2007 and newer Harley Davison transmissions that have the smoothest shifting while transferring more horsepower to the ground. The CryoHeat transmissions are the strongest OEM replacement transmissions on the planet. 


    • 25% stronger metal, Up to 250% longer service life.
    • Back-cut gears (Stronger engagement, eliminating false neutral while in gear) 
    • Significant smoother shifting with an RA value of 2 or less on all surfaces.
    • Custom shims in between gears for proper clearance & alignment.
    • Greatly reduced friction & drag, promoting cleaner, longer lasting transmission lubrication.

    CryoHeat processing:Our proprietary process changes the molecular structure by stress relieving the entire part. This makes the metal more dense and much stronger without changing the Rockwell hardness, (this process does not make it harder or brittle). The CryoHeat process takes 80 hours and reaches temperatures of -320° degrees Fahrenheit.

    Micropolishing:Having surfaces with a roughness average of less than 2RA which is basically as smooth as glass and eliminating unwanted friction and drag. This helps the parts move with the greatest of ease, the Micropolished parts slide back-and-forth on the shafts without any burrs or hang-ups, which helps speed up the action of shifting gears making it buttery smooth! The micro polishing process also removes scaling and small burrs from manufacturing the parts. This significantly helps the transmission oil stay clean of debris because there is nothing left to shed off into the oil. 


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    Anthony Ferra

    New CryoHeat Loaded Harley Davidson Transmission

    Steve G

    AS a performance shop that has the opportunity to deal with any vendor or trans manufacturer. The M8 as well all know is very hard on 3rd gear. Smoothest shifting trans I have used, the bike in fact did make more power on the dyno in back to back we made 3-4 more hp on the same build . The option to have a fully prepped trans on the shelf. This allows us to get the customer in and out quickly with a quality product


    Wish i would've put this transmission in years ago... its so smooth and feels great! cant wait to put some real miles on it and see how it holds up