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CryoHeat treated and micro polished Dirt bike engines are amazing! Since 2012 CryoHeat has been processing dirt bike engines and ATV engines for pro racers and enthusiast with incredible results. The engines start easier, produce more horsepower and at the same time operate with cooler temperatures and less piston blow by. The service life is enhanced by 200% or more, all the parts are stronger and the way the transmission shifts after processing is an absolute buttery dream! Shifting becomes so smooth and so fast that some of the riders become more efficient at shifting with less hang-ups or missed shifts and the speed of shifting, allowing the rider to accelerate faster by locking in the next gear much quicker.

The clutches are processed and yes, they last longer too.  The engine gets CryoHeat processed including all the internals, valve cover, head, cylinder, cases and side covers. Then all the steel rotating parts in the transmission, including the crank and the entire valve train get micro polished. This helps reduce thermal temperatures, friction and unwanted wear on all the internal parts. The engine parts also hold much better dimensional stability adding even better friction and wear resistance. Many CryoHeat customers say the engines feel like a Swiss sewing machine Because of the very smooth operation and it revs higher and longer without falling off the top end.

Desert race bikes with the same gear ratio have seen up to 9 mph faster just from CryoHeat and Micropolishing.  In 2014 CryoHeat sponsored Kawasaki backed Precision Concepts with Ricky Brabec, Robby Bell, and Max Eddy Jr. on a Kawasaki KXF 450 for the first time ever pro motorcycle victory at the Baja 1000 with the addition of the Score International championship for Kawasaki. The race was 1,274 miles long and the bike used less than 100cc of oil and never spilt a drop of radiator fluid. The engine ran flawless all the way to the finish line with a maximum speed of 113 mph. 

Ricky Brabec rode the motorcycle for a magazine shoot at Glen Helen California after the Baja 1000 and score international victory. One month later the engine was torn down for inspection. The parts looked brand new like they were never used. Everything still had an amazing polish to them, and the engine is on display in the CryoHeat show room to this day. This is one testimonial out of hundreds.

Another great success story is with our friend #477 Deven Raper who has been racing AMA Supercross from 2009 and all the way into 2023 as a privateer. He is one of many privateers on a tight budget however he has a huge advantage with the sponsorship of Team CryoHeat. As most Dirt bike enthusiast know Supercross is a very demanding sport on the human body and on the machine. Most professionals need the engine rebuilt every other few races. Deven has a very fast competitive engine built by CryoHeat without ever having to open the engine other than replacing the clutch plates, oil, air filter and spark plugs during the entire AMA Supercross season.  That is a huge cost savings not to mention tons of time saved while living on the road and racing every weekend. 

Get your engine CryoHeat treated today and save for the future. This is the only way to get high performance and awesome longevity at the same time. 

*Price does not include disassembly, cleaning & assembly.

2 Stroke engine & transmission (up to 110cc)

2 Stroke engine & transmission (125-500cc) 

4 Stroke engine & transmission (up to 125cc)

4 Stroke engine & transmission (250-500cc)

Valve springs





Piston assembly

Crank assembly


Clutch basket w/ friction plates 

Clutch friction plates w/o basket

Transmission only

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Monty Wilson
REM polish and cryo dirt bike transmissio

Customer service excellent.Super fast service.Gears look amazing.
Thanks again cryo heat👍