Turn Your Polaris Transmission into a Stage 1 Custom CryoHeat Transmission

Turn Your Polaris Transmission into a Stage 1 Custom CryoHeat Transmission

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Stage 1 Custom CryoHeat Transmission Offered To AllRZR, Ranger, General.

*Turn your Polaris transmission into a stage 1 custom CryoHeat transmission.

Team CryoHeat is the original “OG” when it comes to high-performance UTV Transmissions.  No other business comes close to the amount of meticulous work provided to build High performance racing transmissions.  The CryoHeat transmissions have won more championships and race wins than any other repair shop in all aspects of professional UTV competition worldwide.  Team CryoHeat has communication with every customer so we have a 100% understanding how it will be used in competition or recreation; the type of terrain  driven, vehicle chassis set up, engine power and tire size are some of questions that will be asked to ensure a perfect set up. 

 Scope of work:

The transmission is completely torn down, washed thoroughly then followed up with an intensive visual inspection on every part. Any part that is questionable is marked to make sure it is not overlooked during mag.  

Mag “magnetic particle inspection” is a non-destructive way of testing ferrous metals. This is how our technicians can look for unforeseen stress fractures in the transmission parts that would cause catastrophic failure. The cases go into our vapor blasting machine. Unlike super abrasive sandblasting or bead blasting; our vapor blasting is non-abrasive, and does not remove any material whatsoever. The water and our proprietary media is shot out as a high pressure vapor. This is what gives us a super bright sheen look that also helps mud and grit from sticking to the surface. Not only does this look absolutely beautiful when finished it also helps us to see any imperfections such as cracks if any.  The next step is the proprietary CryoHeat process. The transmission parts will go through an 80 hour long process seeing temperatures of -320°F. This significantly helps by stress relieving the part, removing up to 97% of the microscopic stress fractures from the manufacturing process. This also finishes the transformation of unwanted austenite into martensite (Martensitic carbons.)

These carbons are incredibly strong, and actually work as a self lubricator, they also play a huge role in more than doubling the longevity of the individual parts. The CryoHeat process is awesome at removing unwanted stress from the individual parts, making them less brittle and stronger after the process.  The next step is our micro polishing of the parts. This significantly reduces the friction from the mating gears and promotes incredibly clean and longer lasting oil with less contaminants. With the CryoHeat and micro polishing combination to the transmission parts the transmission will be stronger, last longer, promote cleaner oil, less friction and over 50°F. temperature drop in desert racing applications.



(Labor Included)

  • CryoHeat Processing
  • Micropolishing
  • Vapor Blasting
  • Extensive visual inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection 
  • Tear-Down and Rebuild

 replacing transmission parts:

gear ratios and or replacing broken parts not listed above.  CryoHeat has parts in stock to get your job fixed as quickly as possible. Labor chargers will stay the same although an additional price for the individual parts will be added to your invoice.

*This process and price is for all RZR’s, Rangers, and Generals 570cc and up.


  • 28 – 30% stronger metal
  • 250% longer service life
  • 50-100°F cooler operating temperatures
  • Significantly reduced friction
  • Acceleration and top end speed gains

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