CryoHeat Metal Treatment

CryoHeat Metal Treatment

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Imagine a 50% or (>) Greater Savings in Service, Repair and Replacement of Metal Parts while maintaining Greater Dimensional Stability and Thermal Dissipation thus allowing Metal to become Stronger and More Wear Resistant.

That is just the Beginning of what CryoHeat Metal Treatment can do by Relieving Stress in the Entire Molecular Structure. Combine this with our Isotropic Micropolishing (accurate to (<) less than .00001 of an inch) and Greatly Increase Horsepower due to Less Friction and Wear while Extending Longevity of Metal parts over 250%!

The Research Behind the CryoHeat Process on 440C Bearing Steel

This research focuses on the influence of shallow and deep cryogenic treatment on the mechanical properties of AISI 440C bearing steel. The hardness of this material is increased by 7% when subjected to our CryoHeat treatment, and by 4% for Shallow Cryogenic Treatment (SCT) compared to the Conventional Heat Treatment (CHT). ‘ImageJ’ software has been used to analyze the optical microscope image of the conventional and cryogenic treated samples to estimate the retained austenite percentage. The retained austenite percentages of these samples were 29%, 8% and 5.7% for the conventional, shallow cryogenic and CryoHeat treated samples respectively. CryoHeat samples show relatively higher hardness than CHT samples due to the higher conversion of retained austenite to the martensitic structure. CryoHeat samples also show a minor increment in hardness when compared to SCT. CryoHeat and SCT samples show improved hardness by 7% and 4% more than that of the CHT sample. Fractography analysis of the cryogenically and conventionally heat-treated bearing steel was performed using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). SEM analysis clearly indicates the formation of flat facets in SCT specimens and micro-cracks in CryoHeat specimens.

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The CryoHeat Proprietary Process

CryoHeat Metal Treatment provides huge performance gains to metal objects by completely stress-relieving the metal. This promotes stronger metal that is more wear-resistant, holds greater dimensional stability, and is capable of dissipating thermal temperatures much easier. CryoHeat has a proprietary process for all different types of metals and they are custom-tailored for each application.