Polaris Stage 1 CryoHeat & Micropolished Custom Transmission

Polaris Stage 1 CryoHeat & Micropolished Custom Transmission

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All of our new Polaris Stage 1 Custom Transmissions are built to order please call our main number 760-231-1394 for more information!

We can build any RZR, RANGER, and GENERAL transmission from our parts inventory. The Team CryoHeat custom built transmissions come with the stock or custom gear ration that fits your needs, CryoHeat treated bearings, the high-speed gear shim, the HD pinion bearing torque plate and stronger hardware bolts throughout the transmission.

It normally takes 3 to 5 business days to build your transmission, however, sometimes we can push a rush order in one or two days.

The ultimate transmission for your Polaris UTV/SXS:

  • CryoHeat: This is a proprietary process that microscopically stress relieves all the metal parts including aluminum. This helps the case hardened 8620 carbonize steel gears and shafts gain 28% more toughness and sheer strength. This also finalizes the transformation of the unwanted austenite in the steel and turning it into a martensitic carbon providing incredible wear resistance overstock by 200%. Another great benefit of the CryoHeat process is the fast dissipation of thermal temperatures. Any metal part absorbing heat and all friction surfaces that are causing it will dissipate the thermal temperatures so much faster allowing the transmission to run cooler. These Team CryoHeat transmissions when pushed to the limits in desert and short course racing where heat is a major issue will operate at least 75°F cooler than the stock transmissions. This also promotes anything near the transmission to operate cooler including the clutches and the belt!
  • Micropolished: Slippery when wet, almost zero friction or drag compared to any other parts for this application guaranteed! All the rotating gears and shafts are Micropolished for multiple reasons. Removing stress fractures and risers on the outside surface makes a stronger part and less drag even in oil. Unwanted Blemishes on the outside surface can aid to fractures that eventually cause devastation and ultimately a failed transmission. The CryoHeat Micropolished smooth surface allows gears to move effortlessly into one another also helping the transmission run cooler during operation and providing faster acceleration. The Micropolished parts also promote very clean oil during operation and are noticed during oil changes. Having less debris in the oil will significantly increase the longevity of your bearings and tooth-to-tooth action in your transmission. The combination of CryoHeat and Micropolishing is the biggest key success to an awesome performing transmission that will definitely outlast anything else on the market.
  • CryoHeat treated and vapor blasted cases: Just like CryoHeat processing for the gears, the aluminum cases go through the proprietary process of tightening up the microscopic grain structure to gain about 15% more strength. The cases also work as a heat sink by soaking in the heat from the internal friction of the gears, bearings, and heat from the oil. The CryoHeat treated cases dissipate the thermal temperatures even faster; this makes a perfect combination with the internals for an awesome transmission. The Vapor blasting gives that beautiful satin finish shine to the aluminum; however, there is more science than just beauty. Our special equipment at CryoHeat it is not your typical vapor blasting equipment. Over $65,000 invested into our machine allows us to perform jobs in aerospace and defense contracting because we utilize our vapor blasting also as a micro shot peening process. This gives the cases a hardened outside skin promoting more toughness to the aluminum, especially where needed in the bearing races to help prolong the life of the transmission.

The CryoHeat transmissions have won more races in the deep mud Bounty Holes, king of Hammers, Baja 1000, Short Course racing, Hill Shooting and so much more in UTV/SXS Racing! We have done it all through our customers by providing the ultimate performance that is second to none.




For any questions, please call us today at 760.231.1394.

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Jim Suty
Great service, fast and efficient.

Very impressive service and look forward to testing my new transmission.

Baddest out there

Great service!