UTV CryoHeat & Micropolish Services for CV Joints

UTV CryoHeat & Micropolish Services for CV Joints

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The price indicated is for CryoHeat & Micropolish services ONLY. No parts are included.

The CryoHeat & Micropolish CV Joints are the most affordable and highest performing in the industry – 30% stronger, over 250% longer service life, with operating temperatures dramatically decreased, enabling the CV grease to maintain optimal viscosity. The only CV Joints in the industry that significantly reduces friction, allowing more horsepower to be transferred to the wheels.

The CryoHeat Process helps increase the strength and service life of every metal part on your UTV. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a podium chasing racer, CryoHeat will make your metal parts stronger, faster and will last significantly longer than stock, ultimately saving you money on replacement parts.


  • 28 – 30% stronger metal
  • 250% longer service life
  • 50 – 100°F cooler operating temperatures
  • Significantly reduced friction
  • Acceleration and top end speed gains

Add RaceTune

With RaceTune, we machine cut the CV Stars and Cages for precision fitment resulting in less drag, better articulation and even longer lifespan.
Additional $39.96 (each)

Customer Reviews

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Honestly it’s one of the best things you can do! At the end of the day keeping down temps due to less friction, will save you money and a headache from more broken parts! The only way to go!

Max Eddy

Same set of CV Boi ya for our second year of racing on them

Must have

A must have to survive in the hardest conditions. Long lasting CVs without wear or breakage