Honda Talon Sub Transmission Shift Fork Shaft<h6>24210–HL4-010</h6>

Honda Talon Sub Transmission Shift Fork Shaft


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The CryoHeat treated micro polished Honda talon sub transmission shift fork shaft. This is a direct drop in replacement and a high-performance shift pole that will allow your shift forks to move back and forth like butter With almost 0 friction. This dramatically promotes lightning fast shift dog engagement and helps prolong the life of the entire sub transmission. Oiling holes in the pole help even better lubricate the shift forks as a slide back-and-forth from changing from reverse, low and high.

Our facility is totally set up for precision craftsmanship with tear down and rebuilds, CryoHeat processing, micropolishing, machining, vapor blasting and magna fluxing. Sub trans services start at $699.96