Honda Sub-Trans Reverse / Low Kit

Honda Sub-Trans Reverse / Low Kit

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This Honda Sub-Trans Reverse / Low Bulletproof Kit includes:

  • (1) 23650-HL4-000 Honda Talon Final Drive Low Gear
  • (1) 23691-HL6-A00 Honda Talon Reverse Drive Gear (25T)
  • (1) 23751-HL4-000 Honda Talon Shifter Reverse/Low

If you have the Honda Pioneer you will need the additional parts listed below.

  • (1) Honda Talon Final Driven Low Gear (48T)23661-HL4-000
  • (1) Honda Talon Idle Reverse Low / Dog Bone (16T/22T) 23701-HL6-A00


Team CryoHeat has the ultimate fix for the stock Honda talon and pioneer sub-transmission failures!  The biggest part of this problem is that the shift dogs are slipping out of each other and causing lots of grinding and creating faults neutral or popping out of gear. We have re-designed the gears so that when the driver has selected a gear; (reverse, low or high) The gear and the mating shift selector will mate perfectly with perfect timing so that all dogs are touching at the exact same time and with a very aggressive back cut angle to ensure perfect lock up so they will not slip out.  In the stock configuration, Honda has designed the low gear to be engaged with only three dogs touching. We significantly beefed up the dog engagements by having six touching at the same time. The gears are also made out of a highbred 8620 heat-treated steel that has also gone through our proprietary CryoHeat process. These gears are more than 25% stronger than The OEM gears and they have also been micro-polished to eliminate a significant amount of Drag. We are all about high-performance at the CryoHeat shop and that’s exactly what these gear sets provide.  In the first 11 months of the CryoHeat Honda talon gear sets we have sold almost 150 sets with zero issues! 

This Honda sub-trans bulletproof kit includes the reverse gear, the reverse/low shifter and the reverse gear. If you want the bulletproof modified high gear assembly please choose the bulletproof kit that has the high gear in it. 

“Undercutting”, or “back-cutting” is a process where these square-shaped drive dogs and slots are cut at a small angle so that when they mesh together, the power applied to them actually forces them together and it's impossible for them to slip free while under load.

“Clocking of the drive dogs.” looking at the part as a circle like a clock; All the dogs on the gear meet all the dogs on the Shifter at the exact same time. This will provide super strength to the dog assembly and allow for many more miles of service life. 

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Day
Talon low and fever

Great product

Jaaron Edwards
Jaaron edwards

Can’t answer yet sorry we’ve been mustering which takes a month or two- hopefully we open up the the talon soon and start fixing it - cheers

Top Notch

Parts are very high quality and everything fit and meshed perfectly. Complete game changer for the Honda Talon sub-transmission.

Bradley Bryan
Amazing company and they help you out really well

I had an amazing interaction with this company. They did me great. Help me out with my first buy and get me great on shipping and I had it within three days.

Maggie Pierceall
Bullet proof kit reverse low

Haven't, had a change to really try it yet but the install was pretty easy and what I have road it seems way better than stock even engagement is way better thanks guys