New CryoHeat & Micropolished<br>Harley Davidson Transmission

New CryoHeat & Micropolished
Harley Davidson Transmission

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The CryoHeat treated and micropolished Harley Davison transmissions are the smoothest shifting and strongest OEM replacement transmissions on the planet. We supply a brand new Harley Davidson transmission that has been completely disassembled, CryoHeat processed, micropolished, inspected, re-assembled with assembly lube and wrapped in plastic to ensure it stays clean.

CryoHeat processing:
Our proprietary process changes the molecular structure by stress relieving the entire part. This makes the metal more dense and much stronger without changing the Rockwell hardness, (this process does not make it harder or brittle). The CryoHeat process takes 80 hours and reaches temperatures of -320° degrees Fahrenheit.

Having surfaces with a roughness average of less than 2RA which is basically as smooth as glass and eliminating unwanted friction and drag. This helps the parts move with the greatest of ease, the Micropolished parts slide back-and-forth on the shafts without any burrs or hang-ups, which helps speed up the action of shifting gears making it buttery smooth! The micro polishing process also removes scaling and small burrs from manufacturing the parts. This significantly helps the transmission oil stay clean of debris because there is nothing left to shed off into the oil.

We also treat other brand new out of the box manufactured transmissions such as Jims, Baker, and Ultima.


  • 25% stronger metal
  • Up to 250% longer service life
  • Removing burrs & machining blemishes
  • Achieving an RA (Roughness Average) value of 2 or less (smooth as glass)
  • Greatly reduces friction & drag allowing cooler temperatures during operation
  • Promoting cleaner, longer lasting oil

Our Back-cut CryoHeat Harley Davidson transmission has the CryoHeat, Micropolish however it also has every gear precision machined, clocked and back cut to ensure perfect lockup on the engagement dogs. This modification will eliminate the problem from jumping out of gear, having difficulty of engagement into a new selected gear while shifting under load and causing catastrophic failure.

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Brian Jackson
Built bulletproof

Comes ready to install and easy to put in. Rides smooth and feel strong. To be continued.