Can-Am X3 Transmission -20% Reduction Gear Set<h6>CH6002</h6>

Can-Am X3 Transmission -20% Reduction Gear Set


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The Can-Am X3 Transmission 20% Reduction Gear Set lowers the gear ratio for the low gear, reverse gear and high gear in 2wd or 4wd. Reducing the gear ratio by 20% is a perfect transmission gear ratio for tires between 33 inches to 40 inches. There are many options and variables in vehicle setup and terrain such as muddy terrain, steep hill shooting and rock crawling.  The 20% or 30% reduction works great teamed up with gear reduction portals.

These gears need to be installed onto your transmission shafts by CryoHeat or a set of new shafts or transmission provided by CryoHeat.

A perfect addition to the CryoHeat bulletproof X3 Transmission or the race-proven, lightweight CryoHeat ProMod X3 Transmission.